I want to Personally Help you Buy your First or Next Rental Property

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My purpose is to ACTUALLY get you started and making tangible progress towards your first (or next) deal while in the course.

That's what sets this course experience apart from just reading or watching information.

  • Tracy  Ma, P.Eng, PMP

    Instructor & Mentor

    Tracy Ma, P.Eng, PMP

    Hi, I’m Tracy. My real estate investing journey started 2007. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon, I had student loan debt, plus I lived in the most expensive city in Canada. Eventually I figured a way to scrimp and save to buy my first property. Teaming up with my husband, I’ve been investing in real estate to fund my lifestyle, reach my financial nirvana and to create wealth for my family. I’ve grown my real estate to a multimillion dollar portfolio as featured on Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. I’ve spent the past decade discovering ways to invest in real estate while managing a career, young family (twins) and life. I want to help you avoid the costly and silly mistakes that I’ve made and help mentor you to jump into the real estate investing journey — the right way.

Are you Struggling or Feeling Stuck?

I can help you get Started or Restarted in your Journey.

Welcome to Financial Nirvana Investor School!  

I've engineered and thoughtfully planned this course to guide and elevate you step-by-step, filled with actionable and practical wisdom for you so you can buy your first (or next) investment property.  Oh, it will be fun too.

The best part of it all, it will actually get you building tangible progress towards buying your first or next property while in the course.

Welcome to Financial Nirvana School

  • Phase 1 - Defining and Designing your Roadmap to Success

    This is all about getting clear with your vision, your strategy, your direction, building your plan & roadmap, building your investment rules, your team, financing, and recognizing what good deals look like that align to your lifestyle.

  • Phase 2: Money Matters - Everything you need to Know about Rental Properties

    This is all about finding rental properties that work with you, how to analyze them, crunch out the numbers, conducting due diligence, closing the deal, marketing the property, finding quality tenants and having tenants take care of your property.

  • Phase 3: Automating & Simplifying your Life

    This is all about managing your property, providing you a framework to simplify your life, filled with a proven system, resources, checklists, apps, templates, agreements so that you have the knowledge and confidence to grow as a pro real estate investor.


Success Real Estate Investor

Daria Hill

Success Real Estate Investor

Tracy Ma of Financial Nirvana Mama translates the real estate investing journey into simple, actionable steps for anyone looking to build wealth through real estate. Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your business plan, you will learn valuable real estate lessons and strategies on how to (or how not to) invest. All the rich (!) content is most importantly realistic and relatable. This isn’t about get-rich-quick. This is about finding a path that suits your lifestyle and answers your personal WHY?! Financial Nirvana Mama oozes inspiration and the knowledge you’ll learn will become that little voice in your head encouraging (urging!) you to act NOW and achieve your goals.

Simplifying Real Estate Investing For You

  • Grow from a virgin investor to a savvy investor backed with structure and a proven system of what to do first and what to do next to help answer: “How to build your real estate portfolio’ and getting the financing to do it so that you stop second guessing yourself looking at properties while providing guidance that instills trust in your abilities to succeed.

  • Help build your expert team. I will support you by finding out who is missing on your team, identify key people, where you are going to find them and how to grow your network.

  • Show you how to buy nice properties in nice areas without paying market value

  • Attract quality tenants and automate the rent collection system, backed by templates, and documents that protect you as a landlord

  • Learn How to Diversify Your Money to Reduce the Risks on Your Real Estate Portfolio

  • Learn Strategies for scaling, How to Protect Your Money and Building Your Long-term Wealth Effectively without becoming a Full Time Real Estate Investor

  • Learn how to analyze Real Estate Deals and Recognize What a GOOD Deal Looks Like

  • Making Offers, Closing Deals, Getting it Rented, Dealing with Tenants

  • How to Read Proforma sheets like a Pro & Not Get Screwed

  • Tenant Selection and Screening Strategies.

Here are the core parts:

  • Bite-Sized Modules that will help you build momentum: Step-by-step training modules that help you customize and execute a real estate plan. I'll help you build the right mindset, get focused, choose a target market, run the numbers, build a team, find good deals, find more money and more.

  • Pre-Recorded Group Coaching Calls: Access a series of group coaching calls. Plus instant access to common questions that others have asked in the course, all answered for you!

  • LIFETIME Access: You'll have lifetime access to the course.

  • Apps, Checklists, Leases, & Templates to Automate your life as a Part-Time Investor

  • Be part of a SMALL group of action takers who are all like you

Who is this Course For?

Designed for aspiring landlords who understand the power of real estate investing.  

This course is for ambitious professionals, small business owners, side hustlers who are action takers  & driven to build your wealth now.  If you are that person, I will guide you with a proven system that’s been tested in Canada during the ups and downs in the real estate cycle.  If you are feeling stuck, need guidance, strategic advice including a friendly nudge, and don't know the steps to get started (or restarted) with your next property---->

I will help you get from where you are right now ...to where you want to be AND, of course, how to get there so that you build a life YOU want to go.

Course Roadmap & Outcomes

Ram, Canada

'Tracy is such a bundle of knowledge and experience in Real Estate - a Julie Broad in the eastern side of Canada doing Real Estate investing. Very helpful and generous in giving her insights and solutions to problems encountered as I journey toward becoming a full-pledge Real Estate investor myself. '

Questions & Answers

  • Who Shouldn't Take this Course

    If you are wanting to make a quick buck, this course is not for you. This is a long term 6-7 figure wealth building plan..and this takes time, if you do it right. If you are interested in flipping properties, rent to owns, no money down strategies, these strategies are another way to generate income and NOT covered here.

  • When does the course finish?

    It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you finish. The course also offers weekly challenges, and group coaching calls, designed to help propel you with other like-minded people.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You are given lifetime access!!

  • What if I don't like the course?

    No problem. You have two weeks to try it out and if you are not happy with the course, please send me us an email and we'll happily refund you.

  • How much of a downpayment do I need to Start?

    You will need at least 5% down payment to start investing in real estate.

  • What type of strategies are discussed here?

    This is a Canadian real estate investing course. We focus on buy and hold residential properties, applying Warren Buffet investing principles.

  • Couldn't I learn how to plan and buy my rental properties on my own?

    Of course! That's how I learned the first 6 years of trial and sometimes, major errors costing thousands of dollars, wasting precious time including weeknights/weekends. This course is designed to shorten your learning time from my 10 years down to as little as 60 days. You get everything, the resources, links, how-tos without the hassle, stress and mistakes that I went through. I wish this course existed when I first started...

  • What is the Course about and what does it include?

    This video-based course comes complete with in-depth, detailed discussions and materials about building the right mindset, building your plan, creating win-win deals, buying your rental property, getting financing effectively and efficiently, automating your life as a part-time investor, scaling and how-to protect your money and investments. Through a combination of slide-based videos, different screen cast scenarios that walk you through everything, along with worksheets and checklists and four group coaching calls...I will show you, step-by-step, how to buy your first or next investment property.

  • What’s My Return on Investment?

    This course offers an instant return of 100%-> $2500++ value of free bonuses plus four recorded group coaching calls. Your longer return on your investment is 7 figure net worth which many students have achieved and THRIVING. AND most importantly, this course will save you thousands of dollars in mistakes during your journey and hundreds of hours of time that you couldn't afford to lose. PLUS save on hotel costs, travel expenses & precious travel time by having this course delivered from the comfort of your home.

Get Instant High Return on your Investment with These Bonuses (on top of the long term 6 to 7 figure wealth & security & progress towards your ultimate lifestyle you will be gaining through this course. ($500 Value!!)

  • Airbnb Startup Course ($50 Value)

    Get an introduction on how to start up your own Airbnb rental unit and become a super host.

  • Amplify your Cashflow with Dividend Investing - Bonus Lessons ($200 Value)

    Get an introduction to dividend Investing to diversify your investments and amplify it with compounded growth. Watch your investments grow even more using this strategy.

  • Bonus material- Free Ebooks & Expert Interviews ($100)

    Get free ebooks: 'Smith Manoeuvre: How to use it as a Powerful Wealth Strategy To Launching Your Real Estate Empire' - Tracy Ma ' Helping you Grow Your Wealth (That Most People Won't Do) 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill Get Free Expert Interviews on Financing, Real Estate Investing, Dividend Investing



  • More Bonus materials

    Landlord Toolbox: Rental Ads, Lease Agreements, Rental Applications, Move In/Move out, Tenant Welcome Binder packaged and ready to go for your use right away.

  • Spreadsheets & Calculators to Simplify your Life

    Financial Deal Analysis Calculator with projections to monitor your financial health in your real estate portfolio, annual rental income & performance tracker (your accountant will thank & love you), Property Scorecards

  • Four Group Coaching Calls, Q&A's

    These Calls are worth the cost of the course alone. They answer the most common questions about how to find deals (that people can't see), build joint ventures, tenant questions, financing questions and plus so much more.


Your Support Team: Rolodex ($PRICELESS Value)

  • Your Support Team

    Get a huge rolodex of contacts to support you along your journey (handy man, home inspectors, realtors, financing specialists).

Here's a glimpse of how you could feel walking away from this course..

Bestselling Author More than Cashflow, Founder of BookLaunchers.com, Successful Real Estate Investor

Julie Broad, MBA

Bestselling Author More than Cashflow, Founder of BookLaunchers.com, Successful Real Estate Investor

In knowing Tracy Ma for several years now, I can say with confidence that she is the real deal. If you’re looking for an expert real estate investor who is approachable and committed to your success - she’s your woman! Her cool website Financial Nirvana Mama is filled with inspiration, motivation and actionable content to help you no matter where you are in your journey. She cares about helping you build wealth and a life that fits for your goals. Talk with her - you’ll be happy you did!

Nyibol, Ottawa

I appreciate all the effort you've put into putting together this course and I'm so glad I signed up, I definitely feel like your course will help me tremendously as someone who's working towards purchasing their first investment property.


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