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Financial Freedom Accelerator: Build Wealth Using Real Estate

  • 1
    Module 1: Defining and Designing your Roadmap to Success
  • 2
    Module 2: Planning - Your Roadmap to Success
  • 3
    Module 3 (Part 1): Money Matters - Everything to Know about Analyzing Real Estate Deals
    • Becoming a Neighbourhood Expert - Define Your Target Areas that are Aligned to You
    • Shopping and Becoming a Neighbourhood Expert Step by Step
    • Analyzing Deals - A Deeper Dive using Powerful Tools for Determining Cashflow, ROI and Projections
    • Recognizing and Creating Deals that are Win-Win
    • What Type of Tenants do you Attract or Want to Attract?
    • What to Look for in Viewings
    • What to Look Forward too
  • 4
    Module 3 (Part 2): Money Matters - Everything to Know about Analyzing Real Estate Deals
    • How To Assess the Value of a Home - Using Comparables and Listing Sheets to Benefit Your Deal
    • Renovate for Returns - Strategic and Value Added Renovations
    • When to Walk away from Deals
    • How to Analyze a Proforma Sheet like a Pro FREE PREVIEW
    • Step by Step Guide to Making an Offer
    • What to Look for Investing in Secondary Dwellings
    • What to Look Forward too
  • 5
    Module 4: Marketing, Screening & Managing like a Pro
    • Early Feedback Please
    • Marketing your Property and Getting Showings
    • Ultimate Guide to Screening Tenants the Smart and Efficient Way
    • All about Safety & Security
    • Happy Tenants, Happy Landlord
    • Critical Steps to Take when Your Tenant Moves In
    • Managements & Lease Forms that Simplify your Real Estate Business
    • What to Look Forward too
  • 6
    Module 5: Your System for Success
    • Getting Organized for Tax Season and Boosting your Profits
    • Everything about Money Management - Your Tools
    • When to Hire a Property Manager?
    • Communicating with your Tenant and Property Management FAQ
    • Asking your Tenant to Leave or Evicting your Tenant Guidelines
    • 25 Clever and Creative Ways to Boost your Rental Cash flow - Your Risk Management Strategies
    • Near the Last Stop - Hooray!
  • 7
    Module 6: Developing Your own Growth Strategy so that you can Scale, if you want too
  • 8
    Free Bonuses to Accelerate your Journey
    • Rolodex - Your Support Team
    • Think and Grow Rich Ebook
    • Are Pre-Construction Condos a Viable Investment & Learn the Right Way to Buy Them FREE PREVIEW
    • Why Most People are Not Rich - Personal Finance Wisdom
    • Power of Real Estate Investing - Your Multiple Streams of Income for Life FREE PREVIEW
    • Commercial Multifamily Edition- Is it a Good Deal??
    • Your 6 Step Plan to Blasting off Your 'Bad' Debt and Start Investing
    • 17 Experts Reveal their Most Powerful Advice
    • New: Building Your Powerful Timeline for your Real Estate Wealth Business Plan
    • Getting your Closing Costs Paid for You
    • Cost Estimate Guide for Renovations and Home Lifecycle
    • Housing Market- What CMHC Watches out for and How it Can Help You
    • Life as a Real Estate Investor - Your Real Estate Business Cycle and Effort as a Part-Time Investor
    • Introduction to Dividend Investing to Amplify Growth
    • Erwin Szeto - Top 20 Influencer in Real Estate Gives Pro Tips
    • Smith-Manoeuvre: How to Use the Smith Manoeuvre as a Powerful Wealth Strategy in Launching your Real Estate Empire
    • Joint Ventures - How to Structure Them plus the Good and the Bad
  • 9
    Surprise BONUS: AirBnB - How to Start Profiting
    • How to Calculate if it's Worth your Time to Post on AirBnB or similar Sites
    • How to Get Started on Airbnb
    • Do you Have the Right Space for Short-Term Furnished Rentals?
    • How to Feel Safe & Secure Hosting on Airbnb or Similar Platforms
    • Airbnb - Your Checklist and Tools
    • Template Welcome Package for your Guests on sites like AirBNB
  • 10
    Group Coaching Calls
    • Group Coaching Call November 17, 2018 - Q&A and Analyzing Deals
    • Group Coaching Call - December 1, 2018 - How to Valuate a Rental Property, Boost Cashflow and Q&A
    • Group Coaching Call - December 15, 2018 - What to Watch for in Tenants, How to Manage a Rental with Pets and Q&A
    • Group Coaching Call - January 5. 2019 - How to make your Home Tax Deductible and Amplify your Wealth

Real Estate Investing Accelerator: $0 to Millionaire System

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