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Are you Struggling or Feeling Stuck or Looking for a Mentor that really cares about your Success?

Welcome to Financial Freedom Accelerator

I've engineered and thoughtfully planned this course filled with actionable and practical content to guide you step by step so that you can grow your income, build your wealth and ultimately live your best life.  Oh, it will be fun too.

The best part of it all, no wasting time here.  You will be building your stock portfolio with confidence and generating income while in the course.

Here is your Roadmap

  • Phase 1 - Building the Foundation and Designing your Roadmap to Success

    This is all about getting clear with your vision, building your mindset, creating your plan & roadmap, determining your asset allocation, recognizing what type of investor you are and of course, learning all about the basics about stocks and terminology.

  • Phase 2: Money Matters - Everything you need to Know about Dividend, Value and Growth Stock Investing

    This is all about learning the 3 most successful stock investing strategies step by step based on the principles and strategies of famous stock investors, how to value stocks efficiently, crunch the numbers, screen quality stocks fast, and ultimately build long term wealth stress free and on autopilot.

  • Phase 3: Amplifying your Stocks as a Source of Passive Income for Life

    This is all about levelling up your stock portfolio to generate income. This is all about getting paid passive income using two strategies that Warren Buffet uses to collect passive income as he waits patiently for stocks to go on sale and as insurance when the markets go down or sideways.

Here is What You Get

  • Grow from a newbie investor to an advanced investor backed with timeless strategies and systematic framework of what to do first and what to do next to help answer: “Is this Stock a good investment’ and 'Is this a stock a Buy Now?' with confidence, trusting in your abilities to succeed

  • Very Easy to Understand & Fun & Getting Straight to the Point with Practical Content (no wasting content here!)

  • Learn to zero in what matters with financials, what numbers to zone in without getting distracted by the news, which metrics really matter and build your own stock investing thesis

  • Show you how to invest in value stocks, growth stocks and dividend stocks knowing exactly which system to use and why and most importantly, without feeling overwhelmed and most importantly, in the most efficient matter

  • Learn to build a stock portfolio that works in any stock market even it goes down, up or sideways

  • Learn How to Diversify Your Stocks to Reduce Risks on your Stock Portfolio

  • Learn how to analyze Stocks FAST and Recognize What a GOOD Deal Looks Like

  • Learn Strategies for Generating Passive Income, How to Protect your Money and Build Long Term Wealth and Immediate Income in your spare time

This is the Value you Get by Joining

  • Online modules worth $2999 (Priceless)

  • Stock Market Beginners Course $195

  • Dividend Growth Investing for Income on Autopilot worth $495

  • Value Investing so you Can Sleep Soundly at Night worth $595

  • Growth Investing for Compounded Returns $895

  • Leveling Up Your Stock Portfolio to Build Passive Income in your Spare Time Worth $997

  • Group Coaching Calls & Discord Channel worth $1999

  • Bonus: Spreadsheets, checklists + 10X Investing worth $997

  • Total Value: $9172

Here are the core parts:

  • Bite-Sized Modules that will help you build momentum with Step-by-step training. We get straight to the Point too (no wasting time here)!

  • Group Coaching Calls: Feel supported with a chance to ask your Questions and be surrounded by like minded investors

  • LIFETIME Access: You'll have lifetime access to the course.

  • Tools, Checklists, Resources so support you in your Journey

  • Be part of an intimate group of action takers who are all like you

  • Discord Channel: Be part of a greater community of Canadian investors with similar interests and interact with each other. (Coming Soon..)

Who is this Course For?

Designed for Investors who want to build long term wealth and passive income.  

This course is for ambitious professionals, small business owners, side hustlers who are action takers  & driven to build your wealth and income now.  If you are that person and committed, I will guide you step by step to succeed in any stock market cycle.  If you have self doubt, fear losing money, get anxious holding stocks,  need strategic advice including a friendly nudge, and want to FAST track your journey ---->

I will help you get from where you are right now where you want to be AND, of course, how to get there so that you build a life YOU want to go.

Course Roadmap & Outcomes

Summer 2021

As a founding member, you will get my personalized guidance and attention and lifetime access to any and all updates to this program. Coaching sessions will be held weekly.

I will be Personally Helping you Step by Step

Are you committed to taking action & learning? --> I'm committed to supporting you in a BIG way. Next Start Date is Summer 2021
Enroll Now $900 (includes HST)
I will be Personally Helping you Step by Step


  • Who Shouldn't Take this Course

    If you are wanting to get rich quick, this course is not for you. This is for consistent income and long term investing..on track to 6-7 figures..and this takes time, if you do it right. If you are interested in day trading, forex trading, futures, crytocurrencies this is NOT covered here.

  • How Will this Course be Delivered

    Sessions are recorded for your convenience. You get an opportunity to participate in weekly group coaching calls so that you are fully supported in your investing journey.

  • When does the course finish?

    All sessions will be recorded so you can decide when to finish. The course also offers challenges, and group coaching calls, designed fast track your journey with other like-minded people.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You are given lifetime access!!

  • How much money do I need to Start investing?

    You can invest at any time but you need some extra cash.

  • What type of strategies are discussed here?

    This is an investing course that covers value investing, dividend investing and growth investing. It also covers two strategies that Warren Buffet uses to hedge his stock portfolio and collect passive income. We focus on long term investing and building immediate income.

  • Couldn't I learn how to invest in stocks on my own?

    Of course! That's how I learned the first 20 years in trial and massive mistakes costing me thousands of dollars of losses. Worst, I also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost sitting on the sidelines timing the stock market rather than staying investing. If you ever second guessed yourself and selling too early on stocks and buying stocks because of fear of missing out or feeling overwhelmed and stuck...this course is really for you. This course is designed to shorten your learning time from 20 years to as little as 60 days. You get everything, my concise system, resources, tactics without wasting precious time and losing sleep on your stocks. Most importantly, this is one of the greatest gifts to yourself because you will gain confidence as a stock investor knowing that you are taking action and control of your financial future to reach your goals and DO what really matters to you.

  • I've never invested in a stock before, is that okay?

    Yes! This course will start with the basics and get advanced. In the first week, you will learn the basics of stock market investing: how stock market investing works, stock market language, and why it is important.  After that, you will learn about different stock market strategies and be ready invest in stocks with confidence in the course. And level up your stocks and create cashflow (if you are ready).

  • I've been Investing for Years, Will I Learn Anything New?

    Oh yeah.  While the course starts with the basics, it is by no means a basic investing course. You will learn how to manage risk, how to how to buy 10X stocks, how to collect passive income with your stocks and how to analyze companies from a fundamental and technical perspective...if you want to do all that, this course covers it.

  • What’s My Return on Investment?

    This course offers an instant return of 100% because you will learn to generate passive income & wealth with confidence over the next few months getting you on track to 6 to 7 figure networth if you continue to invest. This is $8000++ value course...but I want to help as many people as I can. I really care about your success, that's why I created this course to save you thousands of dollars in mistakes during your journey and hundreds of hours of time that you can't afford to lose. PLUS save on hotel costs, travel expenses & precious travel time by having this course delivered from the comfort of your home. Most importantly, this course will accelerate your journey to ultimate freedom so you can live your best life DOING what you love to do.


Bonus Worth $997

  • Case Studies & Valuation Models

    Get my case studies that I've developed for my stocks and valuations models like Tesla

  • 10X Investing

    Learn how to Invest in 10X stocks like a venture capitalist

Here's a glimpse of how you could feel walking away from this course..

Invest in Yourself - You are Worth It.

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