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Are you Struggling or Feeling Stuck or Looking for a Mentor that really cares about your Success?

Welcome to Financial Freedom Accelerator

I've engineered and thoughtfully planned this course filled with actionable and practical content to guide you step by step so that you can grow your income, build your wealth and ultimately live your best life.  Oh, it will be fun too.  I built my multi seven figure portfolio while working full time, raising a family, and living life so I understand how you feel. 

The best part of it all, no wasting time here.  You will be building your stock portfolio with confidence and generating income while in the course. 

Here is your Roadmap

  • Phase 1 - Building the Foundation and Designing your Roadmap to Success

    This is all about getting clear with your vision, building your mindset, creating your plan & roadmap, determining your asset allocation, recognizing what type of investor you are and of course, learning all about the basics about stocks and terminology.

  • Phase 2: Money Matters - Everything you need to Know about creating your Compounding Money Making Machines

    This is all about learning the 3 most successful stock investing strategies step by step based on the principles and strategies of famous stock investors, with a super efficient framework. You learn by examples, how to value stocks efficiently, crunch the numbers, screen quality stocks fast, and ultimately build long term wealth stress free and on autopilot.

  • Phase 3: Amplifying your Stocks as a Source of Passive Income for Life

    This is all about levelling up your stock portfolio to generate income. This is all about getting paid passive income using strategies that Warren Buffet uses to collect passive income as he waits patiently for stocks to go on sale and as insurance when the markets go down or sideways. Bonus, you get an opportunity to buy stocks at massive discount!

Here is What You Get

  • Grow from a newbie investor to an advanced investor backed with timeless strategies and systematic framework of what to do first and what to do next to help answer: “Is this Stock a good investment’ and 'Is this a stock a Buy Now?' with confidence, trusting in your abilities to succeed

  • Very Easy to Understand & Fun & Getting Straight to the Point with Practical Content (no wasting content here!)

  • Learn to zero in what matters with financials, what numbers to zone in without getting distracted by the news, which metrics really matter and build your own stock investing thesis

  • Show you how to invest in value stocks, growth stocks and dividend stocks knowing exactly which system to use and why and most importantly, without feeling overwhelmed and most importantly, in the most efficient matter

  • Learn to build a stock portfolio that works in any stock market even it goes down, up or sideways

  • Learn How to Diversify Your Stocks to Reduce Risks on your Stock Portfolio

  • Learn how to analyze Stocks FAST and Recognize What a GOOD Deal Looks Like

  • Learn Strategies for Generating Passive Income, How to Protect your Money and Build Long Term Wealth and Immediate Income in your spare time

This is the Value you Get by Joining

  • LIFE TIME ACCESS to all Modules & Upgrades worth $3999 (Priceless)

  • Building Your Foundation and Creating your own Financial Investment Plan $595

  • Lifetime of Passive Income on Autopilot via Dividend Growth Investing worth $795

  • Sleep Soundly at Night by investing like Warren Buffet using value investing worth $795

  • Compounding your Total Returns and Building Wealth through Growth Investing $895

  • Levelling up Your Stock Portfolio to Build Passive Income in your Spare Time Worth $997

  • Group Coaching Calls & Private Community on Discord & My Stock Portfolio DCA Prices/Price Targets & Ongoing Support via Discord worth $1999

  • Bonus: Spreadsheets, checklists + 10X Investing worth + 6 Steps to Financial Freedom $1195

  • Total Value: $11,270

Here are the core parts:

  • Bite-Sized Modules that will help you build momentum with Step-by-step training. We get straight to the Point too (no wasting time here)!

  • Group Coaching Calls: Feel supported with a chance to ask your Questions and be surrounded by like minded investors

  • LIFETIME Access: You'll have lifetime access to the course.

  • Tools, Checklists, Resources so support you in your Journey

  • Be part of an intimate group of action takers who are all like you

  • Discord Channel: Be part of a greater community of Canadian investors with similar interests and interact with each other and for ACCOUNTABILITY

On Track to Double Digit Growth

with a lifetime of Passive Income


Confident Dividend Investor


I'm Nick Giesinger, a security architect for SaskPower, our provincial electrical crown corporation. I am just a few years away from being able to retire and spend more time with the Grand kids. I went to my financial advisor last year for a retirement checkup and got a shock. Based on their calculations I would have to work for another 8 to 10 years. YIKES!!! It was time to take a hold of this retirement thing but I am too late??? As it turns out their calculations were the problem. They took an incredibly conservative approach. I searched around to find out how I could do better, even a moderate rate of return rather than excessively conservative approach. I was new at investing and not sure where to turn. Then I met Tracy. I was able to get the knowledge I needed to take control of my investments. Her class provided practical examples, real stocks that I was interested in and guide rails so I wouldn’t get trapped by the latest buzz. I could focus on realistic and positive results better than what I had been receiving. Tracy's program provided me the self-assurance to take control of my retirement. I was always a little skeptical of what I could do in the market. I had thought about it for years but was not willing to take the step. Tracy gave me the confidence. Her insightful discussions, her practical tools, and her approaches allowed me to understand the difference between good stocks and great stocks. And to be able to flag those stocks that are a little too speculative. I have a foundation to build from to create a portfolio that will carry me into retirement. It is definitely early days of my journey and I have started three portfolios to build from; growth, dividend and fun. My growth portfolio (1/3) has seen a 16% increase for the year while my dividend portfolio (2/3) has grown by 3% but is returning 6% dividends. You could say my fun portfolio, not a large amount, is having fun… its down, -$1,000. Since the beginning of the year my combined growth is 5.5% and I believe it is on track to be over 10% for the year. Way better than my financial advisor, about 3x better. ________________________________________

Here's What Richard had to Say..

I've gained 1000% ROI !

Richard Ramos

My name is Richard Ramos, an immigrant here in Ontario Canada and working in a Manufacturing as a Maintenance person. I got into stock market trading and investing during Covid 19 pandemic, 2019. It was a good entry because the market is down. However, I made several trades, some were profitable and some were losses, but the majority of my loss came from the broker charges. So, I switched into investing but don't know how to interpret the fundamentals of the company. When I learned about Financial Nirvana on youtube, I got hooked by the topics she discussed how to evaluate the value of the company and she dealt more on company valuations and a long-term investor. When I joined the course, I was so relieved on how I should view investing in the stock market. Knowing how to get the Fair market value of the company, and dig down on company fundamentals, and wait for the right entry in buying a company. The live courses and group calls are very helpful because she delivered it clearly and based on our level of understanding. It was easy to absorb, and can be applied right away and the best part is it was FUN. Also, the one-on-one call with Tracy, is a bonus because you can ask her anything, especially advice for you to get ahead on your investing journey. Along the course, I re-allocated my stocks portfolio into Dividend, Growth and Value stocks and already reaped the results. I also managed my emotions knowing the real value of the company I owned, not bothered by the market volatility especially this time of uncertainty. And in a matter of a few weeks on the course, my investment profit went up to as much as triple, so the course fee ROI gained right away. I really encourage everyone who is just starting on stocks investing and even for those who are already into investing to consider the course. You will learn something that will make you confident in your investing journey. ________________________________________

Confidence that led to Massive Growth

Thi, Business Owner & Successful Stock Investor

"I'm now more confident, no more longer, no longer panicking or fear of missing out. I am more patient,  I'm sticking with my high conviction stock so I can sleep well at night! I can also make a passive income with options:)"

Here's What Daria Walked Away with...

A Tech Executive and Successful Stock & Real Estate Investor

There are so many places to get education and not in and of itself is overwhelming. What, and who do you trust? Tracy is the real deal. Her education too. You know, it's so simple to understand her commitment to supporting each student is truly authentic and her own personal results are real and inspiring.


Engineer & Successful Growth Investor

"I sleep soundly at night now. I've learned how to research a stock to perform fundamental analysis on stocks and to use the checklists available.  If you are looking to become a confident stock investor, take over your financial future and manage your own stock portfolio, I highly recommend this course."

Who is this Course For?

Designed for Investors who want to build long term wealth and passive income.  

This course is for Canadian DIY investors who want to take financial control of their lives, who lost faith in their financial advisors, who are sick and tired of losing to inflation, busy working in careers and DESIRE learning the most EFFICIENT way to invest, while raising a family, having a life AND SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT, knowing that their money making machines are compounding their wealth and income now.  If you are driven, an action taker, love learning but hate wasting time, then this program is for you.  If you are that person and committed, I will guide you step by step to succeed in any stock market cycle.  If you have self doubt, fear losing money, get anxious holding stocks,  need strategic advice including a friendly nudge, and want to FAST track your journey ---->

I will help you get from where you are right now where you want to be AND, of course, how to get there so that you build a life YOU want to go.

Course Roadmap & Outcomes

March 2022

You will personalized guidance and attention and lifetime access to any and all updates to this program. Coaching sessions will be held weekly where I do demos, all learn by LIVE examples, and answer your questions.

I will Coach and Guide you Step by Step

Are you committed to learning & taking action? --> I'm committed to supporting you in a BIG way. If you’re ready to scale your investment portfolio confidently then click the link here to apply for the Financial Freedom Accelerator today!
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I will Coach and Guide you Step by Step


  • Who Shouldn't Take this Course

    If you are wanting to get rich quick, this course is not for you. This is for consistent income and long term investing..on track to 6-7 figures..and this takes time, if you do it right. If you are interested in day trading, forex trading, futures, crytocurrencies this is NOT covered here.

  • How Will this Course be Delivered

    Sessions are recorded for your convenience. You get an opportunity to participate in weekly group coaching calls and on discord so that you are fully supported in your investing journey.

  • When does the course finish?

    Your get lifetime access so you can decide when to finish. The course also offers challenges, 'learn by examples' and group coaching calls, designed to fast track your journey with other like-minded people.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You are given lifetime access!!

  • How much money do I need to Start investing?

    You can invest at any time but you need some extra cash.

  • What type of strategies are discussed here?

    This is an investing course that covers four compounding money making strategies following a step by step systematic framework that is hyper efficient for DIY Canadian Investors. I cover dividend growth, value, growth and even strategies that Warren Buffet uses to personally hedge his stock portfolio and collect passive income during any stock market cycle. We focus on long term investing and building immediate income.

  • Couldn't I learn how to invest in stocks on my own?

    Of course! That's how I learned the first 20 years in trial and massive mistakes costing me tens of thousands of dollars of losses even when I had a financial advisor. Worst, I also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost sitting on the sidelines timing the stock market rather than staying investing. If you ever second guessed yourself and selling too early on stocks and buying stocks because of fear of missing out or feeling overwhelmed by stock news or feeling frustrated because your financial advisor failed you... then this course is really for you. This course is designed to shorten your learning time from 20 years to as little as 90 days. I designed this program because I wished I could wave a magic wand and take this program when I started investing. There is no other program like this that gives you life time access and ongoing support. You get everything, my efficient systems, resources, checklists, tactics without wasting precious time and losing sleep on your stocks. Most importantly, this is one of the greatest gifts to yourself because NO ONE can take this away. You will gain confidence as a stock investor knowing that you are taking action and control of your financial future to reach your goals and DO what really matters to you.

  • I've never invested in a stock before, is that okay?

    Yes! This course will start with the basics and get advanced. In the first week, you will learn the basics of stock market investing: how stock market investing works, stock market language, and why it is important.  After that, you will learn about different stock market strategies and be ready invest in stocks with confidence in the course. And level up your stocks and create cashflow (if you are ready).

  • I've been Investing for Years, Will I Learn Anything New?

    Oh yeah.  While the course starts with the basics, it is by no means a basic investing course. You will learn how to manage risk, how to how to buy 10X stocks, how to collect passive income with your stocks and how to analyze companies from a fundamental and technical perspective...if you want to do all that, this course covers it.

  • What’s My Return on Investment?

    This course offers an instant return of 100% at least because you will learn to generate passive income & wealth with confidence over the next few months getting you on track to 6 to 7 figure networth if you continue to invest. This is an investment on yourself! This is $10000++ value course...but I want to help as many people as I can. I really care about your success, that's why I created this course to save you thousands of dollars in mistakes during your journey and hundreds of hours of time that you can't afford to lose. PLUS save on hotel costs, travel expenses & precious travel time by having this course delivered from the comfort of your home. AND fully supported by lifetime access to the course and discord community for ongoing support. Most importantly, this course will accelerate your journey to ultimate freedom so you can live your best life DOING what you love to do.


Bonus Worth $1195

  • Case Studies & Valuation Models

    Get my case studies that I've developed for my stocks and valuations models like Tesla.

  • 10X Investing

    Learn how to Invest in 10X stocks like a venture capitalist

  • Financial Freedom Roadmap

    Gain clarity on how you will compound your way to financial freedom. This is the exact process and calculator I use every single year.

Here's a glimpse of how you could feel walking away from this course..

Invest in Yourself - You are Worth It.

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